We are a creative agency. Parade specializes in innovative event concepts, captivating brand activations, and designing strong visual identities for our clients. Our whole philosophy lies within the singular, age-old question: what’s in a name?


Parades aren’t just about garish getups and big balloons. They’re a coming together of people with a collective goal to create, manage, and occupy a special experience.

We aren’t about a big downtown office. We aren’t interested in a procession of underpaid interns. Our bread and butter, our ‘special experience,’ is our power to collaborate with the best people, utilizing their unique skill sets to provide you with fresh perspectives and rock solid concepts.

Each project is unique— the team that works on it should be no different. From chefs to copy writers, brand ambassadors to social media strategists, we bring leaders in every field together to create a crack team, able to tackle your projects from any angle.

Founder Dax Droski has spent his fifteen year career building brands and event concepts. Consider Dax a rolodex, able to grant your company swift passage into a world of talented creatives able to inject energy and passion into whatever project you may have.