Here’s To Ten years of cocktails at noon, betting on the ponies and a good old fashion day at the races


The Deighton Cup Returns Saturday July 21st 

If you have been sent this link, you’re in good company. 

It also means, your one of the people I’d like to celebrate the Deighton Cup 10 Year Anniversary with. 

What started off as a few friends getting together at a good old fashion day at the races has turned into something much bigger that myself an co founders could have ever  imagined. 

At first, it was just a good excuse to smoke cigars, gamble and drink bourbon and bubbles, this year we are expecting 7000+ to do the same.

CLICK HERE FOR 25% ofF the cost of the ticket. 

CLICK HERE FOR A $250 discount off a vip table.

Please purchase you tickets if you are coming before July 1st 2018

Looking forward to enjoying a few with you at the ten year. If I don’t see you before then, make sure to pop by the Parade Agency trackside booth to say hi. 

604 728 5937


The (not so fine) Fine Print

I’m sure this goes without saying, please do not share this link with others, it’s meant for you and your guest.